We’ve been operating in the AdBlue industry for 12 years. We have knowledge, experience, and production and logistics capabilities. These aspects effectively affect the ability to meet the needs of our customers, regardless of their location and the quantity of the product ordered.

We offer a licensed AdBlue product, delivered in every possible supply option:


Bulk AdBlue

22 000 l

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Packaged AdBlue

1000 l, 210 l, 20 l, 10 l, 5 l

Under our or the customer’s brand

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We also offer:


Uncoated urea (AUTOMOTIVE GRADE UREA N46%)

(Urea uncoated N46%) for AdBlue BIG BAG 1000kg

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Why should you start working with our company?

  • We give you a complex solution: we take care of the full process from ordering, logistics and delivery of the final product to the customer. Always on time.
  • We are not depending on chemical producers’ production cycles – we are always ready to deliver the order, regardless of its size.
  • Our products are available in 12 European countries and in Africa.
  • We are capable of creating the final product for our customers, from designing the label to delivery to indicated address, regardless of the order size.

We are looking forward to doing business with you

Eastern Chem Group